Force style

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These classes will enforce style to an object, so you don’t need to use style="" on many objects. If there’s room for more styles, please create an issue here.

NOTE: All objects are presented as span for example, but it can be used on anything if you want.

<span class="bold">Make any text bold</span>
<span class="italic">Make any text italic</span>
<span class="box-shadow">Add box shadow on any box</span>
<span class="center-text">Only make the text inside center aligned</span>
<span class="left-text">Only make the text inside left aligned</span>
<span class="right-text">Only make the text inside right aligned</span>
<span class="center">Make anything inside center aligned</span>
<span class="center-flex">Make anything inside center aligned, but flex friendly</span>
<span class="full-width">Forces object to have 100% width</span>
<span class="half-width">Forces object to have 50% width</span>
<span class="no-border">Remove borders from object</span>
<span class="no-border-radius">Remove border radius from object</span>
<span class="no-box-shadow">Remove box shadow</span>
<span class="no-margin">Remove margin from object</span>
<span class="no-padding">Remove padding from object</span>
<span class="no-select">Remove the text marker</span>
<span class="no-text-shadow">Remove text shadow</span>
<span class="relative">Force an object to be "position: relative"</span>
<span class="transparent-bg">Make the object's background transparent</span>

<!-- Font force -->
<span class="arial">Makes the font Arial</span>
<span class="github-font-standard">Makes the font to GitHub font standards</span>
<span class="monospace">Makes the font monospace</span>
<span class="times-new-roman">Makes the font Times New Roman</span>