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<div class="table-container table-center">
        <th>Unit price</th>
        <td>Acrylic (Transparent)</td>
        <td class="numeric">25</td>
        <td class="numeric">$2.90</td>
        <td>Plywood (Birch)</td>
        <td class="numeric">50</td>
        <td class="numeric">$1.25</td>
        <td>Laminate (Gold on Blue)</td>
        <td class="numeric">10</td>
        <td class="numeric">$2.35</td>


Material Quantity Unit price
Acrylic (Transparent) 25 $2.90
Plywood (Birch) 50 $1.25
Laminate (Gold on Blue) 10 $2.35